UV Sterilizers to Safely Kill Germs (i.e. COVID-19)

With the spike in Coronavirus cases nationwide at some of the highest daily levels since the pandemic began, staying safe is certainly on almost everyone’s mind. Since you’re probably looking for any ideas you can use at home to help keep your family protected, we’re here to help. The good news is that you can kill most harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses with a UV-C light sanitizer.

These devices, whether you opt for a wand, box, bag, or cabinet, will drench your items with germicidal light which can eliminate up to 99.9% of the nasty stuff on sheets and bedding, phones, keys, glasses, toys, and other personal items. And, because bacteria can often stink, these sanitizers are also great for helping to eliminate bad odors too.

If you’re looking for your own UV sterilizer, you’ll find lots of options that are rechargeable and so portable you can easily keep them in your car, office, and at home to get and keep all your personal items germ free in a matter of a few minutes a day. While you’re focused on killing germs, UV air purifiers can kill airborne germs, while UV water purifiers will keep you safe from waterborne pathogens at home as well as on the go.